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🏢 Never get troubled about the limited working space. Sitting in the 24'x80' spacious and comfortable office while utilising the extra space for multi-functional use, the well-established 3-storey shop office at Taman Ponderosa simply makes everything so convenient for you. Being a market driver, the strategically located property brings you a wise choice for your investment.


🔑 Limited units available, come and know more today!

🏢 狭窄的办公室局限了你的活动空间吗?日复工作再平凡,也需要一个宽敞舒适的工作环境。打造专属您和团队的办公室——Taman Ponderosa 24'x80' 三层商业楼给您无限施展设计。从应对日常业务、成列产品、会见顾客到举办公司活动等,充足的室内空间让一切都如此轻而易举。黄金商业地段推动社区发展,无论是自用或出租都是您的理想投资之选。


🔑 单位有限,今天就前来了解更多!


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