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Ponderosa Callista


因此,我们在Ponderosa Callista 崭新双层排楼的设计中特别注重玄关布置,打造了一个让人一进家门就能感受到温暖与舒适的玄关,兼具美观与实用性。一踏进入家门,就可以随手放入包包、钥匙等小物件,让家里始终保持整洁有序。


At Ponderosa Callista, our entry ways are more than just transitions; they're grand welcomes to your sanctuary. In our design for the 2 storey terrace homes, we prioritize creating a warm and practical entrance where you can easily organize belongings like bags and keys as soon as you enter!

Visit our showhouse today to learn more!


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