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Last Call !!! Freebies or Special Package!

🔑 Limited Bumi Release Unit of Luxury Twin Villa at Ponderosa Woods Available Now!

Home is not just a building, but a place of great feeling and belonging. 🏘 Enveloped by lush greeneries and a wide array of facilities, Ponderosa Woods brings you a spacious and comfortable staying place while keeping the convenience within reach.

🎉 Exclusive packages with freebies are up for grab, talk to us now to know more!

Ponderosa Woods 豪华别墅 | 限量土著单位销售中!

🏘 家不仅仅是一个可以遮风挡雨的钢骨水泥,而是您和家人温馨的归宿。同一屋檐下,彼此同过非凡生活,畅享舒适住宅与周围便利设施,实现您的理想家园梦。

🎉 现推出独家优惠配套及附赠礼品,即刻就联系我们!

For more details:



☎ 016-5206505 |


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