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Real Estate Taxes in Malaysia

Do you know anything about real estate taxes? Here is tax knowledge to give you a better understanding (when buying, selling or owning real estate in Malaysia): . ✒ Sales Taxes (Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax). ✒ Maintenance Taxes (Assessment Tax, Quit Rent, Income Tax on Rent). ✒ Other Fees (Legal Fees, Valuation Fee). . 您了解马来西亚的房地产税收吗? 这里有税款知识让打算购买,出售或拥有房地产的您可以更了解: . ✒ 营业税(印花税, 不动产增值税)。 ✒ 维修税(门牌税,土地税,租金所得税)。 ✒ 其他费用(律师费,估价费)。

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