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Korean Fashion Boutique Aries Studio @ Ponderosa Avenue

If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe, then Aries Studio is the place to be! Recently opened at Taman Ponderosa (same row as Rawhide Sdn Bhd office), they feature Korean inspired clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that any girl will love. Drop by for a visit today!

Aries Studio门市店现已在Taman Ponderosa (与Rawhide Sdn Bhd 办公室同排) 正式开业!Aries Studio以售卖所有女孩都会为之疯狂的韩系服饰,鞋子,包包和首饰为特色,让你独一无二的服饰不撞款!如果你也想为你的衣橱添加新衣,这里绝对是你的理想之选!今天就来逛逛吧!

Aries Studio @ 3 Storey Shop Ponderosa

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