Start a morning jog @ Ponderosa Woods

🌅 Get out of your busy routine to start a morning jog! Let the warm sunshine turn all the sweat into motivation, put away all the bothering, and let yourself enjoy in this beautiful and secure environment. . 🌅 跳脱忙碌日常,开启晨跑模式!让那温暖的阳光把所有的汗水都化成动力,把所有忧愁统统抛开,好好地让自己在这优美又安心的环境中享受晨跑的乐趣吧。

Real Estate Taxes in Malaysia

Do you know anything about real estate taxes? Here is tax knowledge to give you a better understanding (when buying, selling or owning real estate in Malaysia): . ✒ Sales Taxes (Stamp Duty, Real Property Gains Tax). ✒ Maintenance Taxes (Assessment Tax, Quit Rent, Income Tax on Rent). ✒ Other Fees (Legal Fees, Valuation Fee). . 您了解马来西亚的房地产税收吗? 这里有税款知识让打算购买,出售或拥有房地产的您可以更了解: . ✒ 营业税(印花税, 不动产增值税)。 ✒ 维修税(门牌税,土地税,租金所得税)。 ✒ 其他费用(律师费,估价费)。 Learn more/了解更多详情可参考网络链接

Creating Better Places

Since the 90's, Rawhide Sdn Bhd has helped to change the city's prime living topography with quality homes and residences, with a humane consideration for the environment, family, community and safe living. A member of the Kuok Group, the development company has helped to bring Taman Molek to its renowned integrated township status, where the concept of home, work, play, shop and dine concept within a close radius has endeared its name to many locals as well as investors. No effort is spared in ensuring that every thought put into and every brick put in place for any project. will give peace of mind to owners, tenants and residents.

Ready tenant and immediate rental income @ Ponderosa Avenue

[𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐒𝐀𝐋𝐄] Ponderosa Avenue shop offices ┊ Freehold ┊ Limited units available! . Are you looking for a commercial office to run one’s business or leased out for investment purposes? Ponderosa Avenue offers you the hottest and best locations and deals! ⚜ 24’ x 80’ 3-Storey shop offices. ⚜ Built-up from 5,582 sq.ft – 9,425 sq.ft. ⚜ Spectacular golf course view. ⚜ Lifts provided for End & Corner Lots. ⚜ All units have direct access to main road and within strategic highway access. . [热售] Ponderosa Avenue 商业店铺 ┊ 永久地契 ┊ 单位有限! . 想购买商业店铺来进行投资或经营生意吗?Ponderosa Avenue给您最爆最好的地段以及优惠! ⚜ 24’ x 80’ 三层商业店铺。 ⚜ 建筑面积大约5,582 sq.ft – 9,425 sq.ft。 ⚜ 拥有高尔夫球场的景观。 ⚜ 角头和尾间的单位备有私人电梯。 ⚜ 现成租客&可立即获取租金

Double Volume Space @ Ponderosa Avenue

Having a double volume space creates unlimited possibilities for functional and aesthetic designs. There is the option of drawing attention to its height by adding art or using designs that span from floor to ceiling, drawing the eye upwards and making the space feel lofty and open. You can even add a mezzanine floor!


LIVE BEYOND THE ORDINARY @ PONDEROSA WOODS The most prestigious address in Johor Bahru, Ponderosa Woods is the ideal low-density premium residential area that you and your family could wish for. WHY CHOOSE PONDEROSA WOODS? #LuxuryHouse #SemiDHouse #GreenLiving #TwinVilla #NatureLover

Abundance of Space @ Ponderosa Woods

Embrace modern living at Ponderosa Woods, with ample space, natural light, practicality in ease of movement and interior design flexibility. Contact us today to find out more about our exclusive twin villas! Ponderosa Woods的现在式生活让你拥有更宽敞的空间,自然的室内光线和更灵活性的室内设计。今天就联系我们以获得更多关于我们豪华半独立式洋房的资讯!

Smart home of the future -- Brings you a new experience!

To enhance the convenience of modern living, Ponderosa Woods has installed necessary wiring and cables in place for built-in smart home features. Let you enjoy a high-quality life and control all equipment from lighting to air conditioning at will! 未来的智能家居-- 给您全新体验! 为了提升现代生活的便利,Ponderosa Woods的房屋已为内置的智能家居功能安装好了必备的电线和电源,让您随时享受高品质的生活,随心控制所有室内灯光和空调!

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