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Twin Villa - Low Density with 4 Units / Acre

梦想家园的条件包括了什么呢?舒适绝对是第一条件Ponderosa Wood 最大的特色之一就是低密度的住宅区,平均一公顷的土地仅建4间单位!高度绿化和超低密度是我们一直秉持的设计概念,让身在城市的大家也能拥有放松和喘息的生活空间。更大的马路,更多的绿化环境,更理想的生活品质

What are the qualifications of a dream house? Comfort probably will be the first conditionOne of the biggest features of Ponderosa Wood is the low-density residential area with 4 units per acre! Greenery and low-density are the concepts we always emphasize. Low-density residential let you have a larger living area and better life quality in the city



Unit available, talk to us to know more!


For more details:


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