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Taman Ponderosa Double Terrace House Open For Registration

Taman Ponderosa 全新双层排楼 开放登记中!

新山最受欢迎的住宅社区 — Taman Ponderosa 双层排楼, 无论是现代化的建筑结构及室内设计,还是周边的休闲设施,都是为了追求美好生活的你量身定制! . 即刻填上表格,让我们联系你!

或通过 WhatsApp 询问详情: 016-5206505 |

Taman Ponderosa Double Terrace House Open For Registration!

Taman Ponderosa is one of the most popular neighborhoods for living in Johor Bahru. Both the modern architecture and interior design of the double terrace house, as well as the surrounding recreational facilities, are tailored for you who pursue a better life! . Grab the chance, register now and we’ll contact you soon!

Reach us via WhatsApp to know more: 016-5206505 |

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