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Ponderosa woods last 2 units

From a spacious and comfortable home layout to scenic pathways at the pristine park, Ponderosa Woods has got you with a master-plan of grandeur that turns your dream house into reality. With stone's throw away amenities, you don't have to go far to get your necessities. Even if you are travelling, the close connectivity between main cities just makes everything so convenient for you and family. . Last 2 units with exclusive offers available, come and know more today!

从宽敞舒适的生活空间到绿无止境的户外公园,Ponderosa Woods 给您无限设计,实现您的家园梦。无论是到达邻近商场或远行外出,您都无需烦忧耗时路途——优越地理位置与主要商场链接,势必提升您忙碌工作和休闲时的生活素质。 . 仅限两个促销单位,今天就前来了解更多

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