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⛳ Ponderosa Golf & Country Club makes it fun all day long!

Ponderosa Golf and Country Club offers spacious grounds, beautiful lawns, and comprehensive facilities. Besides, residents of Ponderosa Woods can enjoy all facilities with a 3-year free membership.

⛲ Projects include: Golf | Gym | Tennis | Swimming | Private parties | business events | & more. ⛳ Ponderosa Golf & Country Club 全天为您提供乐趣! 只要您有满满的力气,多到不能多的活动都可以来Ponderosa Golf & Country Club 。因为这里提供宽敞的场地,美丽的草坪,以及完善的设施。此外, Ponderosa Woods的住户还能特享有3年免费会员资格去体验所有设施。

⛲ 项目包括: 高尔夫球 | 健身 | 网球 | 游泳 | 举办私人派对 | 商业活动等。

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