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Ponderosa Callista Showhouse Now Open for viewing

坐落于新山的双层排楼项目,为您提供舒适宽敞的居住空间。对于计划组建家庭的夫妇来说,舒适和空间感肯定至关重要。Ponderosa Callista 双层排楼,尤其二楼的空间特别充足,专门设置了Family Hall,可自由打造专属的亲子聚会空间!

亲子互动空间不再局限于客厅或卧室,可根据家庭需求,打造游戏区、阅读角落等多功能空间!宽敞的空间 — 从做手工到绘画,从阅读到万小游戏,孩子们可在这个小小天地里尽情释放天性,一家人一同享受亲子互动带来的乐趣。

Nestled in Johor Bahru, our 2 Storey Terrace Home offers spacious living spaces tailored for couples planning to start a family.

Featuring a dedicated Family Hall for personalized gatherings, beyond traditional spaces like living rooms or bedrooms. Children can explore creativity while families bond over shared activities!

Visit our showhouse today to learn more

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For more details:


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