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Ponderosa Callista Phase 2 Open for Registration

Ponderosa Callista neighbourhood features excellent outdoor recreational facilities, including forest parks, playground and well-maintained jogging tracks. It allows you and your family to leisurely stroll in the park, engage in friendly basketball matches with neighbours and friends, or enjoy a family bike ride, creating a living environment surrounded by greenery where you can live comfortably and safely.

Ponderosa Callista 邻里社区拥有完善的户外休闲设施,包括公园及舒适的跑道。让你与家人悠哉自在的在公园散步,或是与邻居朋友来一场篮球友谊赛,又或是举家来一趟亲子骑车绕道行,让您与家人生活在绿意焕然的环境里,安全写意。

Phase 1 - Limited Units Available!

Phase 2 - Open For Registration!

Welcome to join our telegram channel for Phase 2’s updates!


For more details:


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