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Ponderosa Callista

Experience luxury living at Ponderosa Callista, an exclusive double-storey terrace home in the heart of Johor Bahru, seamlessly connected to Taman Molek. What sets this residence apart is its esteemed Freehold title, ensuring you a truly lasting investment.

Boasting an expansive area of 22' x 70', Ponderosa Callista offers a living space that redefines comfort and elegance.

Choose from two distinct unit types to suit your preferences:

Type A: Double-Storey Terrace Home

Type B: Double-Storey Terrace Home with Lower Ground Floor

Ponderosa Callista 高级双层排楼,坐落于新山最热门的地点之一,毗邻Taman Molek。而且还是 FREEHOLD 永久产权,面积宽敞 22’ x 70’。


Type A 双层排楼

Type B 双层排楼 附加地下层


Phase 2 - Open For Sale!

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