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Ponderosa Callista

Ponderosa Callista - A new double-storey terrace house nestled in a lush, upscale neighborhood, creating an exclusive sanctuary.

Enjoy spacious interiors and outdoor spaces for a comfortable, serene lifestyle while staying conveniently close to schools, banks, and shopping centers in Johor Bahru's prime area.

-- Ponderosa Callista — 全新的双层排楼,坐落于被大自然绿意环绕的高级住宅区。宽敞的室内结构与户外空间,为您打造了一个舒适宜居的专属私家岭地,让您在繁华都市中也能享受远离城市喧嚣的惬意生活。


-- Phase 2 - Open For Sale! Welcome to join our telegram channel for project updates!

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