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Ponderosa Callista 2 Storey Terrace Home



房屋本身已最大化空间利用,帮助大家省去“到底还需不需要额外扩建”的烦恼 — 不必担心施工期间的不便,也不必承担额外的装修费用,即可轻松享受到舒适宽敞的生活空间!

Optimize space usage without requiring any extra expansion!

​​Ponderosa Callista 2 Storey Terrace Home design cleverly utilizes every square inch, ensuring a roomy and comfortable living environment. With distinct upper and lower level layouts, we cater to your diverse home space needs.

Say goodbye to the headache of deciding whether to expand further - our maximized space utilization eliminates the need for additional construction worries or extra renovation expenses!

Visit our showhouse today to learn more!

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