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Ponderosa Callista

A home like no other! Our 2-storey terrace home type B comes with an extraordinary addition - a Lower Ground designed with unique versatile features. The additional lower ground floor allows you to tap into your creativity as you transform it into something you are passionate about making your home not just a home, but rather a place that is full of contentment 竟然还有地下层?! 没错,位于 Ponderosa Callista Type B 双层排楼 ,附加地下层的额外休闲空间,让您发挥无穷的创造力,创造属于自己的理想空间! 📌 Phase 1 - Limited Units Available! 📌 Phase 2 - Open For Registration!👉

Welcome to join our telegram channel for Phase 2’s updates!

--- For more details: 欲知更多详情: 🌐

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