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Ponderosa Avenue | Limited Units 🔥 Contact us to learn more!

Claim your ownership of the highly sought after three-storey shop office. With all the thriving factors, Ponderosa Avenue offers a wise investment choice that allows you to reap the abundant benefits.

Strategically located at Taman Ponderosa Mature business and financial hub Well-planned architechure and streetscape Directly linked to major highways

Limited units with exclusive offer available, come for a viewing to know more!

Ponderosa Avenue 三层商业楼推动市区发展,不仅让您在舒适环境下办公,各大发展因素,也为您带来绝佳投资利益。

黄金商业地段 商业与金融业发展中心 妥善城市与商场规划 链接主要大道


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