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Low Density Living


Ponderosa Callista 崭新双层排楼采用低密度设计,意味着居民们将拥有更多的私人空间及减少拥堵。不仅能让你享受更大隐私,还为你和你的家人提供了更宁静的生活环境,让家庭生活更加舒适。精心规划的宽敞道路设计,更是能够为您提供舒适的行车体验及交通流畅度。



Dreaming of owning a low-density, highly private community to make your home life more serene?

Experience the tranquility of Ponderosa Callista's brand new 2-storey terrace home. With low-density design, enjoy more personal space and less congestion for a serene family life. Our spacious road designs ensure smoother traffic flow. Elevate your living standards today. Contact us to schedule a visit!


Phase 2 - Open For Sale!

Welcome to join our telegram channel for project updates!


For more details:


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