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How To Make Use of Extra Room Space?

Sometimes a large bookshelf, a coffee table, a comfortable couch and few bean bags can go a long way in transforming your extra room into a cozy space. Whether it’s for work or leisure, there’s so much idea that helps create a distraction-free zone during your stay-home days.

Make it as an organised home office Create a study room for yourself or children Set up a fun board game and activity room Transform it into a music or art studio Get your own home gym Make a special room for guests Install furniture and rent it out


打造个人办公室 创建您或孩子的阅读书房 建造桌面游戏和活动空间 设计成音乐室或艺术活动室 设立私人健身房 打造成客房 购入家具并出租

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