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📣 Final Call To Enjoy Early Bird Packages!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to embrace an extraordinary lifestyle at Ponderosa Callista! Discover the epitome of luxurious living in our prestigious 2-storey terrace/2-storey terrace with lower ground residence.

Be among the privileged few to enjoy our incredible Early Bird Packages - a limited time offer! Visit the Sales gallery now to secure your opportunity!


苦寻多时却始终找不到一个地点佳、价格美又完全合心意的屋子? 真的不要错过我们这一次的早鸟优惠!位于黄金地点的Ponderosa Callista 崭新双层排楼 / 双层排楼附加地下层,现在预定能让你以更优惠的价格入住高尚住宅区!


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