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Dual Key Landed Property

Owning Two Units for the Cost of One Investment?!

Imagine owning a double-storey terrace house in Johor Bahru that not only provides ample space but also doubles your investment potential. This property stands out as the ideal dual-key option, allowing you to comfortably reside in one unit while effortlessly earning rental income from another!

双钥匙 (Dual Key) 房产 = 缴付一份房贷,拥有两间屋业?!

对于在考虑着要买房自住还是投资的朋友们,如果有一间房产能让你同时兼顾两者 - 自住的同时,还能出租出去帮补房贷,真的别再纠结了!

位于新山热门区的崭新双层排楼 附加地下层,就是目前最理想的双钥匙房产。



Phase 2 - Open For Sale!

Welcome to join our telegram channel for project updates!

*Terms and conditions apply.


For more details:


016-5206505 |

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