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Double Storey Terrace House With Lower Ground Floor

Modern or Classic? Hobby or Lofty? Your Imagination Is The Limit

With so much extra space, you could easily convert it into an additional car park, a fun space for your kids, a spa-like room to relax in, or even a personal area to showcase your passions such as gaming or collections. The possibility is just endless.



额外的空间让您发挥创意,成为独具一格的欢乐天地、手办模型兴趣收藏、家庭影院、电玩网游休闲角落、亲子聚会场所,是一个多元写意及仪 式感十足的居家体验。这不仅仅是额外的空间,更是无限的可能性。


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