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Conquas Certified Residential Building

Say hello to a comfortable home built with CONQUAS standard! Designed for sustainable home living, the contemporary dwelling at Ponderosa Woods allows you to stay within a safe environment and enjoy life to the fullest!

Rain harvesting system and solar water heating system High ceiling for better ventilation Double wall for added security, peace and insulation


开启舒适家居生活!Ponderosa Woods 房子符合 CONQUAS 建筑工程质量评价,以永续发展为轴,同时兼具各项特点,打造节能、环保、清新居家环境,让您享受优质生活!

雨水收集系统和太阳能热水器 高顶设计,提升室内通风 双面墙设计,提升安全与隔热效能

................ For more details: 欲知更多详情: 016-5206505 | . #RawhideSdnBhd #PonderosaWoods #PonderosaAvenue #PonderosaGolfandCountryClub

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