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Buy More, Pay Less Promo | Takeaway & Delivery Menu

Calling out to residents from Ponderosa Woods or nearby, throughout this CMCO, you can enjoy hassle-free meal ordering from home! Ponderosa Golf & Country Club brings you various selections at decline pricing as low as RM8/set!

无法全家外出用餐,Ponderosa Golf & Country Club 为您提供打包和外送服务。最适合住在 Ponderosa Woods 及附近的居民,一系列主食选项,让您和家人在家享用热腾腾的美食,最低价从每份 RM 8 起!

Available at 10am-5pm daily

FREE delivery available at:

Tmn Ponderosa

Tmn Molek

Tmn Redang

Tmn Desa Harmoni

Tmn Johor Jaya

Order now at:

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