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Are you looking for a NEW "Sweet Home" in Taman Ponderosa?

Home is where the heart is, and that's also where the family is. Are you looking for the right house that fulfils your criteria while benefiting the young ones?

Location Comfortable environment Education facilities Type of house Safety and security Lifestyle and amenities

Stay updated to know what we are getting for you!

家是温馨的港湾,也是一家的归宿 打算搬迁新家的你,是否正寻找符合以下因素的房子,同时希望给年幼孩童一个理想成长环境?

优良地点 舒适环境 教育设施 住宅类型 保安与社区安全 生活与休闲设施


................ For more details: 欲知更多详情: +60 16-520 6505

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