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Ponderosa Woods Hot Sale ‼️ Limited Units Available 💥

Updated: Jul 20

热卖单位,数量有限‼️】Ponderosa Woods赋予你梦寐以求的理想家园,体验梦一般的奢华居家生活!💭 🏡 坐落于黄金地段,Ponderosa Woods毗邻Taman Molek及高尔夫球俱乐部,周围既是鼎立着许多金融机构及银行的繁华商业区。 纵然如此,高档奢华的建筑设计却与周围的自然美景完美地融为一体。优质的居家环境时时弥漫着一种舒适幽静的氛围,带你抛开尘世的纷扰🌿 . ✅低密度,每英亩仅四单位规划社区 ✅双面墙设计 ✅内置私人电梯 ✅土地面积 50’ x 100’ ✅建筑面积从4729平方尺起 ✅建筑标准依据严谨的CONQUAS规格 - 【Hot Sale Unit‼️Limited Quantities Available】 Ponderosa Woods makes your dream home come true! 💭 🏡Beautifully nestled on a tranquil hideaway next to the Ponderosa Golf & Country Club, Ponderosa Woods is strategically located at a commercial vibrant lifestyle hub with 16 banks & financial institutes in Taman Molek. Get ready to be amazed by the luxury architecture that perfectly integrated with the beauty of natural surroundings. Enjoy the quiet and comfortable environment which will definitely keep you away from the bustle of city!🌿 ✅Low Density with 4 units/Acre ✅State of The Art "Cavity Wall" ✅Option for built-in Private Lift ✅Standard Lot Size 50' x 100' ✅Built-up start from 4,729 sq.ft ✅CONQUAS workmanship quality


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