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Spacious Balconies @ Ponderosa Woods

Balconies for all twin villas at Ponderosa Woods are a must for anyone intending to have private memorable moments in their houses. Besides the enlarged living space it provides, you can enjoy a unique resort-style living concept at anytime!

想要在自己的豪华家园内度过令人难忘的私人时光吗? Ponderosa Woods半独立式别墅的宽敞阳台绝对能满足你的需求!除了别具一格的宽敞室内空间以外,Ponderosa Woods半独立式别墅还能让你随时在家中就能体验到度假式的休闲生活!

3 Storey Semi D @ Ponderosa Woods Johor Bahru

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