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List of APDL

Ponderosa Callista (Phase 1) 
Developer's License No.: 6866/10-2026/1365(R) (31/10/2019-30/10/2026)

Advertising Permit No.: 6866-16/06-2025/0653(N)-(L) (06/06/2023-05/06/2025)
Building Plan Approval No.: MBJB/U/2021/14/BGN/101/RP
Approving Authority: Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru

2 Storey Terrace Home 22’x70 ‘(Type A)

No. of  unit: 79∙Price: RM850,900 (min) RM1,308,900 (max)

2 Storey Terrace Home with lower ground floor 22’x70’(Type B)

No. of unit: 44∙Price: RM1,071,9009(min) RM1,614,900(max)

15% discount for bumiputera lots

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